It’s really easy, just click the button in the top righthand corner of this page and you’re almost there! Online bookings are the fastest and best way to book your spot at Suburban Social.

Note that after approximately 5pm each day we shut off online bookings so that we can ensure that we don’t end up with someone sitting at your table when you put in a late booking. You are welcome to call the venue for late arvo/early evening bookings and we’ll do our best to answer if we don’t have to neglect customer service at the venue to do it.

If you can’t get through you are welcome to walk in and try your luck, we have a lot of customers coming and going and often customers can fill a table vacated by someone else just leaving.

Please also note that leaving a phone message or sending an email where we don’t have a chance to respond to you does not constitute a booking, you’ll need a booking confirmation to secure your spot.